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You'll survive a missed phone call; You might not survive a collision!

operation handsfreeMayo County Council recommends against using cell phones while driving.It is distracting and increases the risk of collision.Your primary concern is the safe operation of the vehicle.

To avoid collisions  arising from the use of cell phones:

  • Turn the phone off before you start driving.Let callers leave a messag
  • If there are passengers in the vehicle ,let one of them take or make the call.If you're expecting an important call,let someone else drive.
  • If you have to make or receive a call,look for a safe opportunity to pull over and park.


Keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and your mind on the driving.

Driving is more demanding than you might think, especially in the first year or so after getting your driving test. You can't properly watch what other traffic is doing or see hazards developing if your attention is distracted talking to someone.