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Driving under the influence

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ALCOHOL is estimated to be a contributory factor in 37% of all fatal crashes (drunk drivers/riders and drunk pedestrians) and a factor in 62% of single vehicle crashes. One fifth of fatal road crashes that happen between 6AM and 12 noon are alcohol related.


Pedestrian alcohol is a factor in 38% of fatal pedestrian road crashes.


Just one drink impairs driving. This not a theory, it’s a scientific fact. A driver’s ability to judge distances is reduced. You are much slower at reading the road. You take too long to make vital decisions at the wheel. Your judgement is affected making you take more risks.

Safe driving requires clear judgement, concentration, and being able to react to what happens on the road.  Alcohol and other drugs affect all of these.

Alcohol is a drug that affects your skills, moods and behaviour.  Once it has been consumed the effects of alcohol on driving cannot be reversed.  The only thing that will sober you up is time.

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