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Winter Check.

What car? guide to winter motoring - Car care checks for the winter

Ensuring that your car is safe mechanical condition is a year - round job for every motorist,but its particularly important as the winter weather takes hold.There are also some specific cold - weather checks and maintenance that you should carry out.

  • Add anti-freeze to your radiator .Engine coolant  can crack radiators,even theengine block itself,if allowed to freeze,which will land you with costly repair bills.Check you handbook for details on which product to use.
  • Keep your windscreen washer reservoir well topped up with appropriate screen wash containing anti-freeze additives.Examine the wiper blades,front and rear and replacethem if they're worn.
  • Cold starts place an extra strain on the cars battery,as does the increased use of the headlightsand demisters.If your car is sluggish to start in the morning,consider replacing your battery.
  • Make sure the battery's contact terminals are free from grime.You could also grease them to prevent charge leakage.
  • Check your tyres.Low thread or unevenly worn tyres are dangerous,particularly during the winter months.We'd recommend a thread depth of around 3mm - nearly double the 1.6mm required by law - to be safe.Dont forget to check the spare, too.
  • Even in winter you should  run  your air conditioning for at least an hour a week.This allows the coolant in the system to lubricate all ofthe moving parts and prevents the build up of elements which can corrode pipework.
  • Its especially important that you continue to regularly check all of the fluid levels,lights and tyre pressures through the winter.If you find awry,fix it before you set off.
  • Make sure your car is serviced according to the manufacturers schedule  to ensure its in proper working order throughout the winter.