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Road Rage

The aggression ranges from

  • Verbal Abuse
  • Hand Gestures
  • Intimidatoty Driving
  • Attacks on Vehicles
  • Attacks on Drivers

Actual attacks on motorists are very low,but there is no doubt a small percentage of people's characters change for the worse when they are behind the wheel.

To be able to deal with aggression, keep calm and consider the following tips:

  • For verbal abuse,aggression hand gestures or any form of intimidation, do not try to return the hostility.
  • Windows and doors.Make sure your windows are closed and doors locked.
  • Attempt to pull over.Only pull over if there are plenty of people around.
  • Look for a way to attract others.Sounding the horn or flashing your headlights may cause the aggressor to back off
  • The Garda need to know.Note down the car details i.e car registration,colour and make.
  • Mobile phone.Keep a mobile phone in your car security.If you feel that a 'road rage' incident may get out of control telephone the Garda immediately.