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In Car Safety

Be aware that SEVEN people are injured on the county's roads every day
Drive according to the Rules of the Road
Speed limits are a maximum permitted - NOT a target
Be on the lookout for danger - slow down in good time
Think before acting - carry out manoeuvres in plenty of time
Give proper signals and use horn and headlights thoughtfully
Remember you're twice as likely to kill at 35mph than 30mph
If you're a motorcyclist - respect the bike and the road
Be aware of your own limitations
Remember - 95  percent of accidents are avoidable

Wearing a Seatbelt

Seat belt wearing in the front  and back seat s  saves over  1000,s  lives every year. Everyone knows they should wear a seat belt in the front seat, but many people still don't realise how dangerous it is not to wear a seat belt in the back.

In a crash at 50kmh, if you are unrestrained, you will hit the front seat, and anyone in it, with a force of between 30 and 60 times your own body weight.

Such an impact could result in death or serious injury to both yourself and front seat occupants.

Airbag image

Child In-Car Safety Talk


Seatbelt Facts

       Seatbelt wearing in the front seat of a car saves  lives .

       In a crash at 50kmh an unrestrained passenger would travel through the car with a force of up to 60 times their own bodyweight, they would potentially kill or seriously injure themselves and the other people travelling in the car.


        Children learn by example and will copy their parents/carers. Setting a good example and always wearing a seat belt could save your child’s life.


Positioning the belt

  •         Pregnant women must wear a belt unless G.P gives letter of exemption

  •          Seatbelt should go over the shoulder, between breasts, across hips comfortably under the bump.

  •        Pad is available to correctly fit seatbelt in pregnancy

Car Seat Facts


  •          Alot of  accidents happen on local roads at speeds less than 50kmh -    People take most risks on short, local journeys

  •         At 50kmh a baby would weigh 30 times its own weight making it impossible to hold on to

  •         An unrestrained child can be killed by being thrown forwards, head first, at speeds as low as 10kmh.

Second Hand Seats :

        Strongly advise against because don’t know history & may not have instructions. Using recently bought family members is OK, if given history & got instructions & in good condition.

         Must replace seat even if very minor accident – damaged shell, stretched harness

Worried about a seat you have got?


For more information, contact:

Road Safety Officer
Mayo County Council
Aras an Chontae
The Mall
Co. Mayo
Phone: 094 9047115
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