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Eyesight - Is It Affecting Your Driving ?

Good Eyesight is essential for safe driving, and there is a legal requirement in Ireland for drivers to meet a minimum standard of vision.

Regular eye examinations are also important for drivers in the older age groups. Many changes that occur in the eye which are age related can compromise an individual’s ability to drive. Just as in the younger age group, prescription changes can also occur quite rapidly. Other driving conditions such as glare are also more likely to adversely affect an older driver.

Drivers with concerns about their eyesight, should arrange an appointment with an Optometrist who will examine the eyes and is qualified to give advice on how to best take care of vision

A first time application for a provisional licence must be accompanied by a satisfactory eyesight report. This report may be completed by a registered opthalmic optician or by a registered medical practitioner. You must sign the eyesight report form in the presence of the optician or doctor.


  • Keep your windscreen clean
  • Slow down when travelling from a lit area into a dark one, until your eyes adjust
  • Look to the nearside of the road to avoid oncoming headlight dazzle


  • Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the standards to be legal and insured
  • Get professional advice if you feel irritable after driving, your eyes feel tired or itchy or you get headaches

You can get eyesight and medical report forms from your local motor tax office or from the Road Safety Authority website,