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Driving Around Town

Dont make assumptions about what other drivers are going to do.The only thing you can assume about another driver with a turn signal on is that he/she has a turn signal on.He/she might not be turning at all and forgot to turn it off the last time he/she used it or has changed his/her mind.

When there is an obstruction in your lane,wait for oncoming to clear before you pull around.Just because  someones blocking your lane dosent mean you have the right of way in the adjacent or oncoming.

Watch out for aggressive drivers and try to stay out of their way.they are the cause of alot of accidents.

cartoon of crash

  • Other drivers to sometimes be impatient and inconsiderate
  • Buses-let them pull out of bus stops and don't try to push in ahead of them
  • Roadworks
  • Parking wardens to be vigilant
  • Unforeseen hold-ups-often due to crashes on major arterial routes